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The Medicolegal Death Investigation International Community of Practice (MLDI ICOP) is an interdisciplinary group of individuals consisting of forensic pathologists, pathologists, public health officials, and lawmakers. 

The MLDI ICOP was established in 2019 with the primary mission of supporting best practices in medicolegal death investigation globally as the lack of proper cause of death reporting became apparent.
Today, the MLDI ICoP currently engages with approximately 120 participants from 46 countries with representation from the African Region (AFR), Region of the Americas (AMR), South-East Asian Region (SEAR), European Region (EUR), Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMR), and Western Pacific Region (WPR). 

The MLDI ICOP goals include: 

  1. Building capacity in clinical, administrative, and operational systems improvements 
  2. Supporting the development of materials for implementation in countries for system strengthening 
  3. Fostering peer-to-peer discussions and collaborations on systems challenges, solutions, and advocacy 
  4. Identifying and compiling recommendations to disseminate as a global resource

Our community provides a safe and collaborative environment for our members to learn, teach, and engage with peers worldwide.

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